Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad...

I sure haven't been very good at keeping up with my blog.  I have been busy with projects for Christmas.  I'm pretty much making all the little kids their gifts but since they range in ages 1 - 6, I'll also get them a small toy or something to go with it.  I would show pictures of what I have made so far but I'll have to wait until after they open them. 

I'm also working on a crochet scarf for the Texas Special Olympics.  The deadline for them to receive it is in January so while it seems like I have a lot of time, I really don't.  But a refreshing beverage helps:

On another note...Bethanie started decorating our Christmas tree that we have had for  13 years:

She used to stand on her tippy toes on a chair to reach that same branch.

Well, off to do some more hooking.  Have to keep at it if I want to finish everything in time. 

Until next time, keep on hooking.


Louie in 2012