Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two reasons to Celebrate!

1. My granddaughter, Leslie, is 4 years old!

2. My son, Paul, is coming home from Iraq!

Too bad I don't get see Leslie for her birthday as they live out of state from me. And my son is only home for two weeks before he has to go back but it will be so nice to actually get to hug him for real instead of the hug emoticon on Yahoo chat.

More later on this.

Until next time, keep on hooking.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Time change again; squares for lapghan

So the time has changed again. This day sure did go by fast. Which left me little time to work on some 8 x 8 squares that my crochet/knit group is doing. We are making a couple of squares each for a lapghan for a member's friend who has cancer. I did the first one in a rose color with a light gray border (I know, it looks green on here) then decided that it wasn't "manly" enough. So then I did a light gray square with a dark gray border (which looks blue and green in the picture. Why does it do that?). Ahh, better and more manly. And of course the second one came out too small; maybe if I blocked it and stretched it, it would be the right size. It's only an inch too small.

I think the reason is that I changed yarn type for the second one but didn't change the hook size. I am going to either go up a hook size or add two rows with the original hook to get it the correct size. Not sure who is going to put it all together but I would like mine to make the cut and not end up on the cutting room floor.

Not much going on here around here so I'll sign off here.

Until next time, keep on hooking.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stick to Hooking

Big Le Sigh...I really should stick to hooking. It's what I do best. Those pointy stix just don't get me. Or is it me who doesn't get them? Either way it's not working very well for me.

I thought I was going to do something easy enough, a dishcloth. At some point(s) I noticed that my points went through some of the strands of yarn instead of the whole loop and of course I didn't notice it until after I knit a few stitches behind it. So the last one I noticed I tried to take off the three stitches that were knit correctly and put them back on the left needle so I could fix it. Well it didn't work. I now have a big ol' pile of red yarn barf instead of a nice red dishcloth.

I still carry the needles and some yarn with me but so far I haven't taken them out. They seem to co-exist nicely in my bag with my hooks but I dunno...
Until next time, keep on hooking.

Louie likes his beefy bone.