Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stick to Hooking

Big Le Sigh...I really should stick to hooking. It's what I do best. Those pointy stix just don't get me. Or is it me who doesn't get them? Either way it's not working very well for me.

I thought I was going to do something easy enough, a dishcloth. At some point(s) I noticed that my points went through some of the strands of yarn instead of the whole loop and of course I didn't notice it until after I knit a few stitches behind it. So the last one I noticed I tried to take off the three stitches that were knit correctly and put them back on the left needle so I could fix it. Well it didn't work. I now have a big ol' pile of red yarn barf instead of a nice red dishcloth.

I still carry the needles and some yarn with me but so far I haven't taken them out. They seem to co-exist nicely in my bag with my hooks but I dunno...
Until next time, keep on hooking.

Louie likes his beefy bone.

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