Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year

Oh my has been too long since I updated.  I'm still having computer issues (yes, it's still not working - I was told it needs a new motherboard).  Since my last blogging venture we've had Christmas, a new granddaughter, Alexa (December 28, 2009), the calendar turned over to 2010, and now my youngest, Bethanie, is turning 15 tomorrow, January 16, 2010 (Gosh, where has the time gone), and Louie the Super Dog (hee hee hee) turned 3 earlier this month.

As for my hooking, I made all three granddaughters sweaters and the baby got a hat to go with hers.  I sent those off in the mail the Monday before Christmas, and that's it.  I haven't done anything else since then.  I'm on a yarn diet while I job hunt.  Hopefully that won't last long.  I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms.  I mean, it hasn't been a full month since I finished the little hat but it sure seems much longer.  Is there a rehab place for this?  But on a good note, I've lost 10 pounds since December 20th!  That's called the Poverty Diet.  Hee hee hee  Not getting the extra goodies that call my name at all hours of the day and night helps.  A lot.

Until next time, keep on hooking.



choperena said...

Holy balls! 10 pounds in four weeks is a bunch! Be careful, don't starve yourself, and I hope they are smart and stay away!

As far as the Yarn Diet/Rehab, let me know if you find one. I was told last week that my funding "most probably" runs out at the end of the semester, and that I need to finish my thesis and defend by then, so I'm only allowed to knit from my stash until I find a Big Girl Job. I think I spent around $200 in December alone >.<

Terri said...

Hi Choperena.

Don't worry, I'm not starving myself. Just a change in eating habits. Reading labels and going the low fat way, no junk food, and I have a low-fat yogurt everynight for my bedtime snack.

Here's hoping you find that Big Girl job soon. I need to find one myself.