Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Easter's on it's way!!! It's my favorite holiday after my birthday.

So it's been almost a month since my last blogging. My son, Paul, went back to Iraq for another six months. I kept myself busy making these adorable cropped cardis and matching totes for my granddaughters, Leslie and Aaliyah. I just hope they fit.

I'm still going to my Monday night therapy group a/k/a CLACK, my Monday night crochet/knit group. Best therapy there is, especially after Paul left again.

We finally decided to clean out our peddle boat, which was still chained to a pole from Hurricane Ike (so it wouldn't blow away). It had been repeatedly filling up with rain. It was disgusting - slimy, filthy. But we (meaning Kevin) scrubbed it out and once again it was its natural shade of blue and white. We planned on taking a ride in it but we got in and tried to peddle and it wouldn't do anything. So out we get, pull it back out of the water, and find that someone had broken the rudder. So now we have to wait for who knows how long for the replacement to come in. We were so looking forward to getting on the water. Our bigger boat isn't ready yet but I'm sure by mid-May we'll have it ready and out.

Until next time (and hopefully it won't be a long next time), keep on hooking.


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Tee-Squared said...

Oh, you consider us therapy? Perhaps you had better get your head examined. ;)