Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank goodness for kids

Some of the most precious reasons to give thanks are the young children.  For me it begins with my granddaughters, Aaliyah (2) and Leslie (4).  

When I am with them they give me such joy.  They are constantly laughing and smiling and on the go.  They do tire me out.  Funny but I don't recall their mother (Jennifer) or their Uncle Paul or even their Aunt Bethanie tiring me out this much.  And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I was a lot younger when they were that young.  Nosireebob. 

Leslie is such a good big sister.  She watches out for her little sister.  In January they will have a baby sister and I'm sure that Aaliyah will be a good big sister, too. 

They always bring on a smile whenever I talk to them on the phone or when Leslie sings to me.  I wish we lived closer so I can see them more often but they are an Army family so they go whereever duty takes them. 

My oldest niece, Megan (10), is always fun to have around.  She likes to play practical jokes on her cousin, Bethanie (14).  She almost always has a smile on her face showing off her dimples.  Together she and Bethanie make up the dreaded duo MegaBeth.  Okay, not so much dreaded as you just never know what can happen.  But no matter what, they are always there for each other.  Megan also has a curiosity about her as she's always asking questions about anything and everything.  Sometimes the answers are easy and sometimes they're not.

We also have one nephew, Nathan (10), who is the lone boy at family gatherings.  Paul used to be but now the torch is passed to Nathan since Paul hasn't been around here much during family gatherings, what with serving overseas and all.  At least he has two cousins he can hang out with.  Nathan doesn't talk much when the family is together unless he's playing Wii.  Then he's all hoop and holler.  He reminds me what it's like to have a little boy in the house again.  And I like that (because I miss it at times).  He's a great kid.  He's only been in our family for 3.5 years and I'm proud to call him my nephew. 

Our two nieces, Evie (3) and Aimee (2) are inquisitive.  They have a curiosity about everything, which is good.  But sometimes it can not be good.  Like the time they decided to suck the blue out of a poster marker.  It must not have been good because they didn't touch any others.  At least they didn't get sick.  They are always wanting to learn new things and try new things.  Which is a good thing. 

So I give thanks this Thanksgiving for my granddaughters, my nieces and my nephew.  They are a blessing in my life.  Whenever they are all here it's noisy but it's a nice noise.  Our house is quiet these days since there is only a teenager living at home and she uses headphones when she plays her music.  And boy am I thankful for that. 


Until next time, keep on hooking.


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