Sunday, November 30, 2008

The last day of November

Well alrighty birthday, which was two days ago, ended without a big bang. The Mr. hadn't been feeling too well most of the week and after dinner that night he decided he just couldn't go out. Since we were 5 hours away from home and staying in a hotel, and we were going out with his sister and his cousin (who said sister was staying with), he told me to just go out with them and have a good time. But since Cousin lives about 20 minutes from the hotel and would not be driving that far after a night of drinking, therefore I would have to stay the night at her house, I decided to be the dutiful wife and forego the night out and go back to the hotel with him. After all, he hasn't been feeling well and of course my place is with him, right? Right? I thought so, too. But you know, I made the right choice. I would have just worried about him anyway. And I would have had more fun with him there anyway. was still a good birthday.

Now on to Christmas...

Keep hooking. Until next time,


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