Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Eve

Tis the day before Thanksgiving and we have traveled to my brother-and sister-in-law's for the Big Day. We're in our hotel just relaxing because tomorrow will be hopping with all the family getting together. We had a nice, uneventful drive up here, except for the stop at a Rest Area. We get there and I really, really gotta go so I jump outta the car and walk really fast to the ladies room only find the gate shut and locked. It's temporarily closed! The Men's room is up and running and I really thought about rushing in there but there were men in there. Couldn't get Kevin to go in there to empty it out and then stand guard so Bethanie and I could make use of it.

Another lady went up to the locked gate and I guess she had to use it worse than I did because she thought she could twist the padlock off. Then she got pissy with the man in there who was cleaning it. Didn't have a sign saying it was closed for cleaning, just that it was closed. I saw him then and said that he didn't need to sweep up every single crumb for us. Then he decided he was finished and unlocked the gate and got the heck outta the way. There was quite the crowd by then. And no, I didn't get any crocheting done in the car. I read instead.

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Prince Louie IV only looks innocent.

She thinks she's Rambo-ette.

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